Vlad Kraven

NYC Magic Meets Psychological Thriller


Vlad Kraven is an elite magician from a small harbor town called Brooklyn, NY.


Vlad is a very old-fashioned kind of guy with a highly modern mystique. He performs magic for mature and intelligent audiences throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan and the rest of New York. So what is this Brooklyn Magician like?

Picture a foggy spring evening. You’re walking down a cobblestone street in Dumbo, enjoying the pleasant, light breeze blowing in your face, listening to the distant echoes of the horns of passing barges. Enjoying warmer temperatures and the unmistakably pleasant atmosphere, you see a shadow in the fog walking towards you. As that shadow nears you, the figure passes under the illuminating embrace of an old lantern, and you see that it’s a man dressed like a lost spirit from the 1950′s. He is focused intently on a playing card before him…but the card is not in his hands, it is levitating inches above his outstretched palm. It is a shocking site, but an enthralling one. You have just experienced something more immersive than magic or trickery: you have just experienced Kravencraft.


So what is Kravencraft?

It’s edgy, strong magic mixed with entertainment and comedy.

It’s card magic reminiscent of old con-men and coin magic with a fiery flare.

It’s mind reading and other feats of seemingly supernatural origin.

It can be intimate, close-up magic, ideal for connecting to smaller groups with impossible miracles.

It can be large, stand-up magic, ideal for groups of 10-100 people.

It is not silly children’s magic or cheap clown gags.

It is family-friendly, but you should not be embarrassed of having Vlad at a party or event with adults and mature audiences.

  • If you are looking for a magician in New York that can capture the imagination of your audience, without coming across as childish or silly, then Vlad Kraven is for you.
  • If you want entertainment that is safe for the family, but good enough to impress adults, then Kravencraft is what you need.
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