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Magic Notes (week seventeen)

Loose ends in magic this week:

-Video of the week is an amazing trick from Penn & Teller’s Fool Us, their hit British TV show currently airing. The magician fooling them (and us) is Mathieu Bich. Fantastic!

-Magic on TV: David Blaine announced a new special for Spring 2012. Also, the Discovery Channel will be airing a new magic sshow called The Supernaturalist with Dan White.

-On June 20, magician Topas turned 39. Happy birthday to the current Magician of the Year.

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New David Blaine Show Announced

Earlier this week, David Blaine announced that he will be airing a new show in the spring of 2012 in an online chat with his fans. Over the last several years, David has gone from street magician (some referring to him as an urban shaman) to endurance artist, performing stunts such as hanging upside down in Central Park for several days, being submerged in a giant water tank for a long period and being sealed in a block of ice. For many, especially magicians, this shift in his performance choices has left much to be desired.

Those craving David’s return to his roots in street magic will be pleased to hear that the upcoming NBC special will be ONLY magic, including no endurance stunts. Additionally, it is believed that he will take the program as a launching point for an international magic tour, something that David Blaine has never done before.

Yours truly with David Blaine at 'Dive of Death'

Yours truly with David Blaine at 'Dive of Death' (2008)

Magic in the mainstream has lost significant steam over the last few years. If David Blaine can make a special that captures the imagination like Street Magic and Magic Man (his first two shows) did, then the public intrigue will undoubtedly peak again.

Unfortunately, there is a point of concern. What made David big in his first appearances on TV was the mystery, this ability to blur the lines between magic tricks and street miracles. In his latter specials, especially Drowned Alive, the tricks in the shows coincided with the release of those same pieces to the public. In effect, the magic in the last specials was a big advertisement for tricks being released.

If the upcoming special will be a long infomercial, then magic will only suffer. If David comes across as the humble mystic from the streets he initially was, then we will all benefit. Only time will tell.

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